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Welcome to Home Security Guide, a site devoted to helping you make the right home security system choice for your family. Early on we realized that all home security systems aren’t created with the same set of needs in mind. Some are created as a full service, “we’ll do it all” for you type of setup. These setups are great for people that don’t mind paying a bit more so they don’t ever have to tinker with or build their own home security system.


Other systems are tailored to the DIYer at heart. These systems will have an immense number of options, from different camera types all the way to which specific sensors you want in your home. They can be as cheap or as expensive as you can dream up, and as such are incredibly modular.


The fact remains that every household is different, therefore you need the home security solution that will fit your lifestyle the best.


We created Home Security Guide to illuminate the path to a happy home security decision. We regularly review the best home security options specific to cities around the United States. We then go deeper into why we believe certain options are the best for that given location.


At the heart of what we do, we want to help you answer the question “Which home security system is best for me?”





OurĀ goal is to review as many home security providers in specific cities as possible. This gives you the best, city specific information you can get to make your informedĀ home security system purchase.