4 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Chic and Smart - Home Security Guide
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4 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Chic and Smart

10 Aug 4 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Chic and Smart

The kitchen isn’t just for cooking. It’s the hub of the home—a gathering place that lends itself to all kinds of activities. It’s also the one room in the house that needs to be upgraded most often to keep it fresh and up-to-date with the latest technology. Fortunately, with advances in home automation and smart technology, your kitchen can become more fun, functional and fashionable than ever before. Here’s a look at 4 ways to make your kitchen both chic and smart.


Smart Lighting

When it comes to cooking, doing projects, or just socializing over snacks, your kitchen lighting should always provide just the right ambience. Thanks to smart lighting systems such as HUE (sold exclusively through Apple stores) creating stylish kitchen lighting is a snap. HUE uses light bulbs that are Wi Fi enabled, allowing you to turn kitchen lights on and off, make them brighter or dimmer— even change the color—all through an app on your smartphone. Although smart lighting can be used throughout the house, when used in the kitchen it’s a recipe for success.


S-Box Pop-up Storage System

The more clutter-free your kitchen, the more chic and inviting it is. Enter the S-Box kitchen storage system. Created to help you make the most of unused storage space, this customizable storage unit is designed to pop up from the kitchen worktop, giving you instant access to power sockets, knives, spices, a TV—pretty much whatever fits into the storage unit—all at the touch of a finger. For kitchens frequented by small children, the S-Box is ideal for storing potentially dangerous products and objects out of harms way. In addition to the S-Box, there are a number of other pop-up storage units on the market that can help keep clutter off the counters and can be raised and lowered remotely.


Smart Refrigerator

What’s for dinner? Thanks to smart automation technology, your fridge can help you answer that question. Take the sleek and stylish Samsung smart refrigerator for example. Among its many smart functions, the fridge can give you recipe suggestions based on what food items are in the fridge at the time. Although the front of the fridge still has space for a child’s latest work of art, it also has a built-in 10-inch touch tablet pre-loaded with all kinds of kitchen friendly apps. One handy shopping app called Evernote allows you to create, update and share grocery lists on mobile devices. A grocery-managing app helps you to keep track of what’s going in and out of the fridge, along with sending expiration date alerts for foods that might otherwise be forgotten until it’s too late. Although the apps require the user to input food item information, the simple drag and drop feature makes it very easy to use. As smart technologies become more advanced and integrated, the day will soon come when your refrigerator will not only tell you what to buy at the store, it will provide coupons for the items on your list as well.


Smart Faucets

Standard kitchen faucets are water wasters. They are also not all that easy to use during the process of preparing food. Smart faucets solve both problems by turning on and off—either by the activation of proximity sensors or at a simple touch—eliminating the need to manually turn the handle while your hands are full. Stylishly designed, some smart faucets even come with built-in LED lighting. Along with providing a pleasing touch of color, lit faucets are ideal for nighttime use. Some even change water stream color (blue for cool and red for hot) as water heats up or cools off.


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