A Short List to Help with Home Security in Austin - Home Security Guide
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A Short List to Help with Home Security in Austin

16 Jun A Short List to Help with Home Security in Austin

Few things matter as much to us as home and family. Nobody wants to feel threatened in his or her own home and we all want to make sure that our loved ones stay safe. We live in quickly progressing world so technology changes everyday. Fortunately for us, that applies to the home security industry so we have better equipment, knowledge and technology available to help protect our homes and families than ever before. If all of this new technology can feel overwhelming then you are not alone. Don’t worry though; there are a lot of simple and very practical things that can be done to bolster your home security here in Austin Texas. Here is a short list of questions that you should be asking yourself to help assess how secure your home is.

How do the areas around primary entry points look? Do overgrown trees, shrubs or bushes crowd doors and windows to provide good cover for potential burglars?


Keep those areas well maintained so that burglars don’t feel they have plenty of time to work on breaking a lock.


Are there areas of your home that are especially dark at night? Do you use lights with motion sensors to help deter break-ins at these points?


Many nighttime burglaries can be guarded against with the use of good lighting.


Did you settle for the cheapest locks you could find? Or did you install high quality deadbolt or knob-in-lock sets with a dead latch? Are the strike plates on your doors heavy-duty and secured with long screws? Do you keep your doors and windows locked at all times, even during daylight hours when you are in the home?


Good doors and windows will do very little to keep burglars out of your home if you don’t have quality locks and if you don’t keep them locked.


Do you have high quality exterior doors? Are they constructed of solid wood or metal?


You will want to make sure that your door is sturdy enough to withstand an attempt to be kicked in.


Are your windows (and specifically windows on the ground floor) equipped with functioning high-quality locks? Have you considered the possibility of burglars using trees or ladders to reach second story windows?


Burglars will attempt to enter your home through what they perceive to be the weakest point possible. Don’t assume they’ll settle for ground floor entry points, especially if you have trees in your yard that can be climbed.


How much of the interior of your home can be seen through windows from the outside? Do you have large, expensive items in plain sight?


Expensive items such as electronics, jewelry and small heirlooms or antiques are huge targets for burglars so if they can be easily seen from the exterior then your home could become a target. If those items can’t be moved to less visible locations then use curtains or blinds to keep them hidden.


If you have a security system, do you have signs prominently displayed outside your home?


Security systems do little to keep burglars out; they are more for alerting you in the event that a break in has occurred. Yes, this is very effective in scaring burglars away, but take it a step further to help prevent an ordeal in the first place. Burglars don’t want to be caught so displaying home security signs can be a major deterrent. For more info on our recommendations for the best home security services in Austin, Texas, read our comprehensive review found here.