A Smarter Way to Protect Your Home in San Antonio - Home Security Guide
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A Smarter Way to Protect Your Home in San Antonio

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30 Jun A Smarter Way to Protect Your Home in San Antonio

With all of the technology that we have at our disposal these days, it is surprising when you realize just how many burglaries still occur each year. The FBI estimates that in the last recorded year, there were over 2 million burglaries in the United States alone. But this number could be reduced dramatically if more people took simple steps to protect their homes. Many burglaries are nothing more than crimes of convenience, so just a few simple measures can prevent a would-be burglar from breaking into your house. Lucky for us, we live in a time when protecting your house is easier than ever, and we are able to have access to the most sophisticated technology that will allow us to protect everything that is important to us in a smart and efficient way. Home automation systems allow for much better security than old methods. Here are some of the best ways to update your security.


Old Method: Have a Dog

New Method: While owning a dog is an excellent way to deter unwanted visitors, an alarm system is a more reliable way to achieve better results. Sure a dog can bark to alert you of an intruder, and people are less likely to break in if they know that there is a dog on the property. But an alarm will also alert you, without you having to worry about it being asleep or distracted by a tasty treat. They are also better deterrents than a dog could ever be, and what is more, you don’t have to worry about taking it out for a walk or scooping up it’s waste.


Old Method: Leave a Light on When you Go Out

New Method: Automate your lights. We have all been told at some point that leaving a light on when we go out is a good way to make it appear as though someone is in the house. However, if you are going away for an extended period of time, not only is this expensive, but it is also easy for burglars to see through. If you automate your lights, you can hook them up to a central control that you can access on your phone from anywhere in the world. It is a cheaper and more effective method. As a side note, we recently reviewed our top home automation and security companies picks in San Antonio. Check out the San Antonio home security review.


Old Method: Leave Your Spare Key With a Neighbor

New Method: Leaving a spare key with a neighbor or hidden under a flowerpot is a good yet risky way to make sure that you can get into your house when you get locked out. A keypad entry is much safer and easier. This will allow you to get in your house at any time, and some of the latest models of automatic locks allow you to access them remotely. So if you are out of town and forget to lock the door, or perhaps need to let someone in for an emergency, you can do so using your phone.