Creating Greener Communities Big Business Technologies Offer Eco-Friendly Solutions - Home Security Guide
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Creating Greener Communities Big Business Technologies Offer Eco-Friendly Solutions

03 Aug Creating Greener Communities Big Business Technologies Offer Eco-Friendly Solutions

In the wake of a punishing heat wave, sending temperatures and power use soaring across much of the western United States, homeowners in hard hit regions such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Phoenix are reminded once again of the need to become more eco-friendly with respect to energy consumption. Fortunately, big business technologies offer a number of practical options for people to go green through solar power, home automation and home security. What follows is a breakdown of the benefits of these three eco-friendly solutions.

Home Automation

Smart home automation technology not only makes a home more enjoyable to live in, it makes it more energy efficient as well. Along with utilizing the latest energy-efficient bulbs, automated lighting control saves energy by ensuring that home lighting is always optimal for the time of day and use of each room in the house. With automated lighting control via sensors or apps on a smartphone touchscreen, gone are the days of wasted energy from lights inadvertently left on in rooms that are no longer occupied. Thanks to home automation technology, additional energy savings can be realized through automation of the HVAC system. Smart thermostats—programmed and monitored via smart phones or other web-enabled devices—ensure that heating, ventilation and air-conditioning work in harmony to keep the temperature of the home optimal for continual comfort and maximum energy savings.

Home Security

While automated home security systems provide added safety through the use of state-of-the-art locks, alarms, sensors, and motion detectors, they can also save energy and provide greater peace of mind through automated lighting control. To make their homes appear occupied while they are away, homeowners often leave a number of lights on, both inside and outside the house. Obviously, this practice wastes a lot of energy. Plus, studies have shown that the same lights left on day and night can actually alert potential intruders cruising the neighborhood that the home is unoccupied. Through automated lighting, homeowners who are away can remotely program both indoor and outdoor lighting to mimic the lighting patterns of an occupied home as they naturally change over 24 hours, thus providing greater protection from break-ins while reducing energy consumption.

As big business brings newer and better energy-saving technologies to Phoenix, Las Vegas and Los Angeles, these and other regions of high energy use all across the country will have practical and affordable solutions for creating greener communities, one house at a time.