Is Your Home Safe While You're Away? - Home Security Guide
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Is Your Home Safe While You’re Away?

Home Safe While Away

19 Apr Is Your Home Safe While You’re Away?

Our homes are our personal retreats. We’ve all had days where all we wanted to do was just curl up inside, hang out on the couch, and pray that we never have to leave. Unfortunately, sooner or later we have to go back out into the world to buy groceries, make a living, and get some much needed Vitamin D via sunshine. But we’re always comforted by the fact that we’ll have our private oasis, our home, to return to.

Don’t let this comforting thought be destroyed by a burglary, fire, or other damage or intrusion that can cause us to lose our homes without our knowledge or control. In other words, you have to take some measures to ensure your home is safe and protected when you’re away. Disaster doesn’t have to strike when you’re away on vacation; even running a quick errand at the bank can leave your home vulnerable. Here are a few tips to make sure intruders and damage have as little a window of opportunity as possible.

Turn Off The Electronics

We take a lot of technology for granted these days. After we make a pot of coffee, we drink our morning cup of Joe and head to work. But what is an electrical shortage causes that coffee pot to go up in flames? And what if that coffee pot causes the blender, then the curtains, then the entire house to go up in flames with it? Needless to say, when appliances aren’t in use, there’s no point in leaving them turned on.

Furthermore, by unplugging appliances after use, you’re not only preventing electrical fires, but you’re also saving on your energy bill. A lot of devices draw power even when they’re not “on.” For instance, that same coffee pot probably has an LCD screen that displays the time, status, and a cheery “Good Morning” message. That electricity the appliance draws adds up over time to make your energy bill higher. Finally, you never have to wonder if you turned off your curling iron if you make a habit of unplugging it every time after you’ve used it. You’ll get peace of mind and a comfortable home to come back to.

Close The Windows

Chances are you’re already in the habit of making sure all the doors are locked before you leave. And if you’re not, let’s hope you don’t have to read an entire article to make it a habit! But how many of us check our windows as well? Even if we live in a 2nd or 3rd-floor apartment, or we’re just leaving our bedroom window to get some fresh air in, these are literally windows of opportunities for burglars to get in through. You shouldn’t underestimate the amount of effort an intruder will go through because at the end of the day, do you really want to gamble all of your valuables and possessions because you like leaving the bedroom window open?

When you leave for work, run an errand, or go on vacation (especially when you go on vacation!) make sure all windows are closed and locked. It’s even recommended to take it even a step further by drawing the curtains closed or putting the blinds down. Many crimes are simply crimes of opportunity, meaning a person might see a nice laptop sitting on a coffee table through a window, see that no one is home, and come crashing right through that window. With closed and locked windows and drawn curtains, they have no way of knowing what’s waiting for them on the other side; a safe and easy deterrent.

Invest In Security

You might not need a team of sentries to protect your home, nor can you probably afford one, but your home should be secured nonetheless. Investing in a home security system can be an affordable and effective method of warding off intruders and calling the police if they do break in. Not to mention, many alarms are wired to phone ambulances and fire departments, too. Your home can be protected from many dangers with a security system. We’ve got home security system reviews for a provider in your area. See our Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth and Houston reviews here.

Look into security systems that have added layers of protection. You want a company to map out your house so even if so much as a window is opened, the alarm can sound. Also, an alarm that sounds during a break in as well as calls you directly so you can either tell the company it was a mistake or let them know it wasn’t you is a great way to get some peace of mind when you’re away.

Finally, you should think about putting some added security features around your home. Even having a lit path to your front door, a porch light, and some motion-detecting lights around the sides of your house can help ward off intruders looking for a way in.

Our homes are more than where we rest our heads at night. We place some of our most valuable possessions inside those four walls. We go home when we feel sick, we make memories there, and we feel safe when we’re locked away from the outside world. It’s in your best interest to make sure your home stays comfortable and private by taking the necessary measures to keep accidents and intruders from destroying them.