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10 Aug 4 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Chic and Smart

The kitchen isn’t just for cooking. It’s the hub of the home---a gathering place that lends itself to all kinds of activities. It’s also the one room in the house that needs to be upgraded most often to keep it fresh and up-to-date with the...

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27 Jul The 5 Best Gifts For Making Any Home Smarter

Drone delivery. Self-driving cars. 3D printed “everything”. The limits to technology seem endless these days. But while many of these technological marvels are still a long way off, there are all kinds of futuristic gadgets on the market right now to make our lives at...

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07 Jul A Primer to Home Automated Design

For many people, the future just won’t arrive until they get themselves some robots. We’re not talking about the vacuum cleaner\miniature bumper car that leaves strange crisscrossing patterns all over the nape of your carpet. We mean honest-to-goodness domestic cyber-slaves that do our bidding while...

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Cell Phone

23 Jun Using Your Smartphone to Fight Global Warming

Global warming is a complicated issue. Depending on who you talk to, it’s either the biggest threat to humanity since saber-toothed tigers, or it’s a multi-level conspiracy aimed at robbing you of your right to drive four-wheeled tanks down the freeway. Unfortunately, global climate change...

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