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The 5 Best Gifts For Making Any Home Smarter

27 Jul The 5 Best Gifts For Making Any Home Smarter

Drone delivery. Self-driving cars. 3D printed “everything”. The limits to technology seem endless these days. But while many of these technological marvels are still a long way off, there are all kinds of futuristic gadgets on the market right now to make our lives at home more comfortable and enjoyable—particularly in the area of smart home automation. So if you’re looking to up the tech factor in your own domain or for a housewarming present that’s sure to be a hit, here’s a look at 5 great gifts designed to make any home smarter.

Belkin Fridge Mount for iPad

Okay. So it’s not a techno-gadget. But this fridge-mounted case is the next best thing. Drop in your iPad and the case converts your kitchen into a techno-hub for doing all kinds of iPaddy things such as calendaring, creating shopping lists, finding recipes online, catching the news, looking up “iPaddy” to see if it’s a real word, or controlling other smart devices in the house via mobile apps. And if you’re worrying about marring the surface of the fridge, the device attaches via special strips that can be easily removed without causing any damage whatsoever. You’ll find the Belkin Fridge Mount for iPad here.

Smart Thermostats

Utilizing technology to help make any home more comfortable and “energy-intelligent” is what smart thermostats are all about. Easily installed and controlled via touchscreen or remotely by a mobile app, most smart thermostats allow you to raise and lower the temperature of your home whether you’re there or miles away. They are also programmable so you can choose a different setting for each and every day of the week. And better temperature control means you’ll save money on your energy bill. There are many smart thermostats on the market today, so find the one that is right for you.

iRobot Braava

What the iconic Roomba does for vacuum cleaning, its big brother the Braava does for futuristic floor washing. Featuring a simplified design, longer battery life and a four-step cleaning process that does not rely on reusing dirty water, the Braava automatically scrubs and squeegees your floors—removing up to 98 percent of common household bacteria—with no pre-sweeping required.

Get the scoop on the Braava at

August Smart Lock


Imagine a door lock that sends real-time picture alerts to your mobile device to let you know when anyone with a matching Goji key accesses your door. Imagine a lock that keeps records of comings and goings so you know exactly who and at what time someone is either entering or leaving your home. Imagine a lock that puts an end to teenagers sneaking out at night. You’ve just imagined the August Smart lock. If you’ve got a wooden or metal door equipped with a dead bolt, chances are the August Smart Lock is compatible.

Spotter Multipurpose Sensor

One of the best applications of home automation technology, the Spotter Multipurpose Sensor is the ultimate all-in-one home monitor. Featuring wireless connection to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, Spotter lets you monitor light, temperature, sound, humidity and motion to help you keep tabs on your home while you’re away. Spotter also lets you know a host of other things, such as when the kids are home from school, and when the laundry is finished. No, Spotter can’t actually get the kids to do the laundry, but it performs a lot of very useful tasks that’ll give you extra peace of mind. Check out the Spotter Multipurpose Sensor at


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