Home Security Systems in Atlanta - Home Security Guide
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Home Security Systems inĀ Atlanta

Homes are often loaded with valuables that burglars and other intruders may target. To keep all your valuables safe, your home needs to be fitted with security systems that would alert you and the public in the event of a security threat.


Home security systems in Atlanta


There are many different types of home security systems in Atlanta. They include a monitored system that alerts you or local authorities in case of a security threat, unmonitored systems that have a siren that scares away or alerts the owner and neighbors, and a wireless alarm system that are automated systems like cameras and motion detectors.


Why you need home security system in Atlanta


Atlanta is a busy city recognized as a business hub and residence for many people. These factors make it one of the most populated cities in Georgia. With the high population, big cities face an increased risk of property crimes, burglary, theft and other crimes. For this reason, people in Atlanta need home security to enhance the safety within their living space and protect valuables like electronics, jewelry, and other expensive valuables.


Sophisticated security systems give you the chance to monitor what is happening within your home from wherever you are. With the systems, you can control your home security lights, thermostats, and other web-enabled devices.


Home security systems can also help you to monitor the various activities carried out by your kids and other people within your home. It helps you to prevent activities that can harm children while you are away.


In cases of security threats like fire hazards and high levels of carbon within the living space, the home systems are set to alert you or the relevant authorities. The signals are essential for the appropriate prevention of hazards before they happen.


People whose homes are fitted with security systems report fewer cases of crime. Additionally, the sense of improved security gives you the peace of mind while away or within your premises. The peace of mind helps you be more productive while carrying out your regular duties. It also saves you from stress, harm, and worry that can lead to bad health.


The best security companies in Atlanta


Security experts advise homeowners to choose a provider that has proved to be among the top providers in its area of operation. Good service providers will give you service worth the monthly price you pay.


Top home security companies in Atlanta will tailor a security system that meets your unique needs. A good system uses motion detection and alarms able to detect and prevent intruders even before they break into your home. The systems should provide 24-hour protection.


Top companies are those who can provide the essentials above plus other benefits. Among the best Atlanta alarm companies are the following.


Frontpoint offers a free consultation and free quotes on equipment and monitoring cost before they proceed to fit a security system in your premises. The home security company provides you with a 30-day free trial. The company has different payment plans that make it easy for you to find one that matches your budget.


Better Business Bureau gives Frontpoint Company an A+ rating. The company specializes in security controls, sensors, cameras and home automation systems. The systems help in light control, remote control, crash protection, email and text alerts, intrusion protection, 24-hour monitoring, live video streaming and recording, energy management and automated door locks.

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ADT home security has existed for over 140 years proving home security services in Atlanta. The company provides automation systems and home alarms that protect against intruders, flooding, fire, temperature monitoring and other disasters.


ADT has a mobile application known as “Pulse home automation” from which you can receive security alerts, control the security system, control web based appliances like lighting, door locks, setting alarms, and the thermostat.


With the help of the automated surveillance systems, you can monitor suspicious activities taking place within your home using a smartphone. ADT gives free home security quotations to customers before the system is installed.

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Protect America

Protect America home security company is recognized for its competitive services. Monitoring services are given for as little as $19.99 a month. Furthermore, the company does not charge installation fees. Additionally, the company offers its customers a discount in which you may save 15-20% of the amount you could have paid to other security companies.


Protect America specializes in alarms, home automation systems that you can use a smartphone to receive notifications, and manage door locks. The company provides more security services like smoke detection, carbon monoxide monitoring, and other disaster sensors.


The company gives free budget estimates and professional guidance on the equipment required, types of control that suit your needs, and the cost of security monitoring. In addition, it gives you options like landline monitoring, broadband monitoring and cellular monitoring from which you can pick an option that is convenient.

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Atlanta Home Alarm Systems

Atlanta Home Alarm Systems provides customers with 24-hour service surveillance systems without the need for a contract. Customers can find a security plan for as little as $14 in a month. Different from other home security companies, Atlanta Security Systems offer monitoring services on already installed security systems.


The company works with automated systems cameras help in remote viewing of activities taking place within your premises. The security systems are remotely controlled using modern mobile gadgets. Depending on a customer’s choice, the company provides on- monitored safety systems.

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Ackerman Security

Ackerman Security serves homeowners with security services that are controlled in 24 hours a day. The company provides short-term monitoring systems for systems installed by the business and already existing systems. Customers can subscribe to security plans starting from as low as $19.95 a month.


The company gives custom-designed security systems that match the needs of each client. For this reason, the company’s experts will ask customers to provide such information as the areas vulnerable to theft, security features that they want, or if they need protection while in the home or away.


To avoid unnecessary hassles, a customer should select a company that is within his/her budget. The security company chosen should also be in a position to provide all safety features that a client needs to protect his/her home and property.

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