Home Security Systems in Fort Worth, Texas - Home Security Guide
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Fort Worth Home Security Systems: What You Need to Know

How much do you think about the protection of your home? If you are like many homeowners, you are likely quite busy with many aspects of life, all competing for your attention. It can be hard to make sure that your home is properly defended against potential dangers that could occur, even in your own area of Fort Worth. Did you know that property crime is at the top of the list in many cities throughout the nation, including Fort Worth? Property crime can include anything from theft to vandalism, larceny to arson. Is your home protected? It is worth taking some time to consider and ensure that proper measures are taken to keep your home, family, and belongings safe.

Fortunately, home security systems have greatly improved in the last several years. They no longer simply offer an alarm, but rather, they offer a variety of features to more effectively protect a home from danger. Having a security system in place on your property ensures more overall protection, but it includes other benefits as well such as peace of mind, burglar deterrent, cellular monitoring features, and a reduced rate on your homeowner’s insurance.

A Comparison of Your Options

Here in Fort Worth you have some great options for protecting your home. We’ve analyzed the top companies to check out. See our analysis below.




100% Wireless & Cellular

30-Day Risk-Free Trial

Easy DIY Setup

Portable System That Can Be Transferred to New Home

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$0 Equipment & Installation Fees

24/7 Alarm Monitoring

Lifetime Equipment Warranty

Landline, Broadband, and Cellular Monitoring

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Professional Installation

24/7 Customer Support

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Control Full Home While Away

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The Benefits of Owning a Home Security System

The Benefits of Owning a Home Security System

The Benefits of Owning a Home Security System

There are many benefits of owning a home security system. Here are some of our favorites.

Peace of Mind: Knowing that you have a security system in place grants you the ability to have peace of mind. If a threat were to occur, you would no longer be expected to deal with it on your own. Some systems are directly set up to the security company, so that if any danger were to happen, they would be notified immediately and send help. Such peace of mind helps a homeowner feel more relaxed in the one place that should truly be a refuge from everything else: the home. This peace of mind also allows for more freedom, as you know you can travel more with the assurance of a safe home while you are away.

Burglar Deterrent: Simply having a security system in place has proved to be an effective deterrent against potential intruders. Because a security system poses more of a threat to the intruder, it is likely that he or she will simply find another home to target rather than taking any additional chances of being caught. Criminals generally look for the easy target. In addition, having a security system in place can reduce the overall crime in the neighborhood.

Cellular Monitoring: Homeowners have more control over their security systems than has ever been possible in even recent years. This is due to great advances in technology. Now, you can easily control the features of your home’s system with a few taps on your mobile device. You can control features including lighting, locking and unlocking doors, arming and disarming alarms, and often even control your household appliances such as a curling iron or coffee machine. This is a big perk for homeowners, as you no longer need to turn around to make sure your home is safe and secure when you are rushing to the office or on vacation miles away.


Reduced Homeowner’s Insurance: One benefit many homeowner’s do not consider is the fact that they can often get a reduced rate on their homeowner’s insurance if they purchase a home security system. This is due to the added protection, and lesser chance of a major disaster occurring, and can save useful funds each month.

Two main types of home security system exist. The first option is the Full Service approach, and the second is the Do-It-Yourself option.  Learning about each type can help you make a more informed decision about which would likely be the best fit for your home.

Type 1: Full Service

Type 1: Full Service

A Full Service system is one that has been installed by a professional technician. There are many advantages to opting for a Full Service system. For one thing, it is certainly the “no-hassle” approach to getting your system installed. It requires no work on your part, giving you time for other things that may be more pressing at home or at the office. In addition, it is less frustrating, as you do not need to figure out the process of installing the system.

Choosing to have a professional install your system gives you the reassurance that it is installed properly and working correctly from Day 1. You also have the advantage of asking any questions you might have while they are there, rather than calling a customer service line. The technician can also walk you through the different features of the system while installation is taking place.

Because the Full Service approach is more convenient for the customer, it is understandably the more expensive option. For many homeowners, the price is worth the fact that they do not have to take part in the installation process.

Type 2: Do-It-Yourself

Type 2: Do-It-Yourself

On the other side of the spectrum, you have the choice to install the system by yourself. Many companies offer this approach, and many customers choose to take it. A Do-It-Yourself, or DIY, option often allows the customer more flexibility to pick and choose what goes into the security system. For example, you can choose additional sensors or opt for just a few essentials. Or you may choose cellular monitoring or opt out of it. This is a big plus, as you can more effectively tailor the system to your specific needs and concerns for your home.

Because you do the installation work, a DIY system is often less expensive. You will likely save money on both upfront costs, as well as on your monthly statement. For a customer who is concerned with how a home security system will affect the wallet, DIY plans are good to consider.

The potential “con” of the DIY approach is more work on the customer’s part, which can sometimes result in frustration when questions arise. However, it is good to know that security companies anticipate questions and provide several opportunities to assist you in getting help. Some of these options include customer service online or by phone, as well as providing a thorough installation manual when you first receive your system.

Frontpoint Security System

Frontpoint Security System

A DIY Approach

FrontPoint won the #1 spot for ASecureLife.com’s “Best and Most Affordable Security System in 2016” contest. In addition, Texas Yelp reviewers offer multiple praises of this company, which has an above-average rating. One Texas customer, in a review on besthomesecuritycompanys.com, wrote: “It has been great so far working with Frontpoint. It’s easy to get ahold of customer service and if they promise a call, they do so. They have replied to all my messages via email and any of my concerns via phone. Overall, they have been very patient with me while explaining all about the system and how to better make use of it. So I am so far satisfied.”

In reviews for the company, it is clear that FrontPoint’s strength lies in its customer service. Many customers mentioned the fact that they were able to talk with a friendly, knowledgeable service rep and easily resolve any problem they may have had. In addition, many customers enjoy FrontPoint’s transparent pricing and felt that they knew exactly how much they would pay for equipment and monthly service.

FrontPoint’s system is a completely DIY option. You can choose from 3 offered plans, which include the Protection, Interactive, and Ultimate. With the Protection plan, you can expect to receive a wireless console, 24×7 professional monitoring, and sensors to protect against intrusion, environmental, fire, and life threats. With the Interactive plan, you get all Protection plan features with the addition of a “Crash and Smash” protection. This means that even if someone were to smash your console during an emergency, the security team would still be alerted and send immediate help. With the Ultimate plan, you additionally receive the ability to get live video stream of your home through cameras, automated door locks, and energy management of your home, such as controlling the thermostat from your device.

FrontPoint offers customers a 30-day, risk-free trial and free shipping on equipment. It is good for a potential customer to know that a 3-year warranty is offered, rather than the lifetime warranty that some competing companies offer to customers. However, for a customer who is most concerned with quality customer service and “no guesswork” costs, FrontPoint is a good choice for the DIY homeowner.

Learn more about Frontpoint’s packages and pricing.
Protect America Security Systems

Protect America Security Systems

Another DIY Approach

Protect America also received an award for the “Best and Most Affordable Home Security System in 2016”, coming in at 2nd place. They offer a DIY approach that is affordable for most customers. One satisfied customer, on asecurelife.com, wrote “I love this company! They have been great from the beginning. They have the cheapest pricing with the most protection. They have wireless protection, touch panels, cameras, garage sensors, glass break sensors. The best part for me was no hard-wiring anything and you set the system up yourself! Super easy to do.

Many customers choose Protect America due to its “hard-to-beat” pricing on its DIY systems. In fact, a customer can get a basic plan for $19.99 a month, while competing companies are often quite a bit higher in price. Protect America offers 5 plans: Copper, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The difference among the plans lies primarily in the number of sensors you will receive, starting from 3 and ending at 14. All plans include a Simon XT Control Panel, sensors, 1 motion detector, window decals, and a yard sign. In addition, Platinum customers also enjoy the benefits of smoke protection, video cameras, and home automation features.

It is good to be aware that Protect America does not offer a free trial, and offers a 14-day paid one. In addition, cellular monitoring services are available on just the more expensive plans. The price of the cellular monitoring is competitive with plans from competing companies with the same features. However, the fact that Protect America does offer less expensive plans, though without a few features, is good for the frugal customer who needs a simple system to feel more secure and protected, even if he or she cannot afford a more expensive plan.

Learn more about Protect America’s packages and pricing.
Vivint Home Security

Vivint Home Security

The Professional Installation Approach

Vivint’s system is installed by a professional technician, making it an easy and convenient option for customers. In an online review, one happy customer wrote:  “Our sales representative was very good. He was willing to come back and to fit our schedule. He explained the features and everything to us. It was a good experience. Our experience with the installation team was very good as well. The gentlemen that came to install it were polite and worked fast. They also tried to accommodate our request as far as the location of the equipment. They did a good job, very professional. I would recommend Vivint to anybody, as I already have a couple of times with friends when that subject came up.”  Customers who value being taken care of, knowing that their system is working properly from square one, and if any problem should arise, will likely enjoy Vivint’s “take-care-of-things” approach. Vivint recently received a 4.5 stars rating in over 3,160 reviews on ConsumerAffairs.com.

The greatest advantage of going with Vivint is that it is an established company with several advanced features competing companies cannot easily match. Vivint offers 3 packages, namely the Smart Protect, Smart Protect and Control, and the Smart Complete. The main difference among these packages lies in the number of smart home devices the customer can have. The Smart Protect package offers customers a 24×7 monitoring service, touchscreen panel, 3 door/window sensors, 1 motion detector, 1 smoke detector, and a Vivint yard sign. The Smart Protect and Control offers all of these features and 2 smart home devices. The Smart Complete offers these in addition to 3 smart home devices and 1 TB cloud storage. It is easy to see that Vivint pulls out “all the stops” when it comes to home security.

As you may guess, one of the cons to a Vivint system is simply the price tag. Because of the additional features Vivint customers receive, they pay more for its services. The services with all of the plans are more complex and complete, which may make it a difficult option for those on a strict budget. However, for those who are unconcerned with the costs, Vivint is a great option for complete coverage installed by a professional.

Learn more about Vivint’s packages and pricing.
Which System Best Fits You and Your Home?

Which System Best Fits You and Your Home?

As you can see, each company has a particular strength when it comes to its home security services. This is great news for Fort Worth homeowners, as it gives you options depending on your specific needs and concerns. Have you identified your main concerns and priorities in relation to a home security system?

For those DIY customers who are most concerned with great customer service, and avoiding hard-to-understand pricing, FrontPoint may be the company for you. If you most value a price that cannot be beat, Protect America has flexible pricing options. And if you are a customer who prefers to have the work done for them, and who likes options and advanced equipment, Vivint has your needs covered. Homeowners in Fort Worth are fortunate to have the several options in home security they enjoy from these frontrunning companies, and no matter what your main concerns are, you can enjoy more protection and peace of mind through one of the many security systems available to you.