Home Security Systems in Indianapolis - Home Security Guide
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Home Security Systems in Indianapolis

Good old Hoosier hospitality is what Indianapolis, Indiana is known for. It’s truly a great place to live. On the weekends, local homeowners can attend a basketball game featuring the Pacers or visit a sports museum. This city hosts the world’s number one race car competition, the Indy 500. The NCAA Hall of Champions is here as are great children’s museums where families can go together. This city with about a million people is full of the greatest things America has to offer. Homeowners who live here would do well to protect their assets so the precious life they enjoy here does not get disrupted by vandals who might invade their homes. Few people understand just how pervasive home burglary is in the United States until it affects them or their friends personally. At this time, only 14% of U.S. homeowners have a home security system. This number needs to increase because there is one home robbed every 13 seconds in this country. This number is on the rise in metropolitan areas like Indianapolis. Homeowners should inquire about home security systems in Indianapolis to better protect themselves and their families.


Statistics paint a disturbing picture of burglary in America. 59% of these crimes occur during the day time. Thieves scout out the homes of their unsuspecting victims for days sometimes before striking. You could be at work thinking everything will be just like you left it. Then when you return home, you find that your abode has been violated. Someone went into your bedroom and searched through your drawers. They found and stole your spare cell phone and the family jewelry that was passed down to you by your grandparents. They even went into your children’s room and stole your children’s video games. After an experience like that, your family might never feel secure again in your home. This is why it’s especially important to take a look at alarm systems in Indianapolis. Home security in Indianapolis is your personal responsibility. You don’t want to wait until its too late. Protect what you have. A burglar is always on the look out for the lowest hanging fruit. If they see a security decal in the window, they will pass you by and try their luck on another home. There are many companies that specialize in Indianapolis home security. You should consider Protect America. It has a wide array of home security features.

Protect America

Protect America offers top-tier security to protect you and your family. It’s a company that understands how hard you have worked to build your life. Other companies will charge you premium fees and lock you into a long contract. Protect America wants to make it as easy as possible for you to get started with home security in Indianapolis. This is why their Copper plan begins a 19.99. It will custom design the perfect home security system for your home so that you and your family can sleep soundly at night. Your home will be monitored at all times. Whether you are sleeping or out at work, you will be guarded by Protect America’s service.


Protect America gives you a home automation technology and remote access to your home’s security system. It is a modern security company. It employs the industry leading Simon XT Touch Screen control pad. This is because it wants every consumer in America to have the best means of protecting themselves. The touch screen on the control system lets you control the entire system as soon as you enter your home. Door sensors, window sensors, and motion detectors will all be at your disposal. You will be able to defend the entire perimeter of your home from intruders. Medical panic buttons are also available for those who have a need. This can be valuable if you have an elderly member of your home who requires special assistance.


Some companies try to trap you into an expensive home security plan. Protect America wants to give you options so that you can decide what is best for you. The more control you have the better. There are 3 different monitoring choices you can select from with Protect America. You can integrate your security system through landline, cellular, or Wi-Fi. No matter which you choose Protect America promises to provide you with the same exceptional service.


When a problem occurs at your home, you can be assured that help is on the way. Distress signals will be sent to a minimum of 3 monitoring centers. Even if high-tech criminals try to block your signal it will be sure to reach at least one of them. This is known as redundant monitoring. You will also have access to surveillance cameras. At any time, you can view your home’s video feed from a computer or even your cell phone. In this world of uncertainty, you need as many options as possible for securing your home. Protect America’s system will even allow you to lock your door remotely. There may be some occasion where you need to rush out the door unexpectedly and forget yourself. This feature will save you at those times. You will have a true “smart” home with a fully featured security system.


Protect America’s most basic plan includes the essential door and window sensors plus a motion detector. This is what you need to get started with protecting your home from burglars. If you feel the need to upgrade, you can opt for the bronze plan which goes for $35.99. Protect America makes your plan fully customizable. Whatever your needs are, it will be there for you. These prices are significantly lower than the starting costs for all other national home security providers. Protecting your Indianapolis home with Protect America is definitely a wise choice.

Talk to a home security professional in Indianapolis.

Closing Thoughts

Home Burglary is an often underestimated problem. Your home and your valuables are worth protecting. There is an added sense of safety that goes along with having a home security system. You and your family will sleep easier knowing that you are no longer an easy target for vandals. Contact us to have a home security professional help you in your decision.

Talk to a home security professional in Indianapolis.