Jacksonville Home Security - Home Security Guide
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Jacksonville Home Security

Jacksonville is a quaint seaport city within Florida. It has a population of 850,000 as of the last census and it continues to grow because it is a wonderful place to live. It is also remarkably spacious. It has the largest contiguous city area in all of America. Jacksonville homeowners can go to Hemming Park on the weekends to enjoy the outdoors or go shopping in The Avenues Mall. One local activity everyone is excited about is football. The Gator Bowl Stadium hosts the annual Gator Bowl which gets people from all over the South to visit the city. The infamous Cummer Museum of Art is here too. Jacksonville is truly an idyllic place to live. If you are a local homeowner you need to take steps to preserve your peaceful life in Jacksonville. Don’t let a home burglar destroy what you have spent years building or allow them to make your family feel unsafe. Jacksonville home security is important.

Home vandalism is a problem that is pervasive in the United States. It is estimated that there is a total of 4 home burglaries per minute in this country. This is why it is important to take a look at home security systems in Jacksonville FL. The majority of these home break-ins are perpetrated through brute force. A burglar will use some crude tool to crack your door open or smash your window then enter your home. After suffering such an indignity, your family may never feel safe again in your neighborhood. Companies that offer security systems in Jacksonville, FL. l can stop burglars from even attempting to attack your home, violating its sanctity. You want to provide a nice life for yourself and those you care about. This means that you can’t afford to be like the 86% of homeowners who do not have a security system. You must be proactive and inquire about home security in Jacksonville FL. A typical burglary costs families nearly $2000 and in some areas your chance of suffering a burglary are 25%. This means that an affordable home security system can actually save you money over the long term. This is in addition to the benefit of making you feel more secure.


Safetouch is a well reviewed and trusted home security company in Jacksonville, FL. They swear that when you have a problem they will send help in seconds rather than the minutes it takes some other companies to respond. The founders of Safetouch were motivated to create the best security company in the world by their desire to protect their own families. This helped them to become the biggest independent communications-security company in all of America. Safetouch is a company that stays up to date with the most advanced technology in the industry. Every single employee who provides customer service has to undergo rigorous training so they are available to provide you with the best quality support at all times. They are all fully licensed and background checked. Lester Jackson founded Safetouch when he was just 22 years old, and he is still at the helm of the company doing his best to protect the families of his customers.


Safetouch offers a variety of plans for protecting homes. The most basic plan is the Silver package which comes in at $34.95. It offers a less than 45 second response time to all alarms and inquiries. This exceptional level of response is available 24-hours a day. If you have an emergency, Safetouch will be there at your side. Battery backup is included in all plans so that you will be protected even when power is out, and you don’t need a phone line for your system to be fully operational. There is also a mobile app that lets you check the status of your home at all times. You will be able to log into the app and view a live video feed of your home’s security cameras. Safetouch’s platinum package even includes an infrared camera for your indoors. There will be no way for a burglar to escape detection. Enhanced encryption is also included so that high-tech criminals won’t be able to scramble your distress signal in the event of an emergency.

Talk to a home security professional in Jacksonville.

Scott Alarm

Scott Alarm is another Jacksonville, Florida company that will help you to safeguard your home from burglars. It has been protecting homes in Jacksonville for more than 50 years. They offer a state-of-the-art system and 24/7 monitoring to make sure you are always protected. Scott alarm is notable in that its security system can be fully integrated with a home automation system. You can control your heating, air conditioning, door locks, lights and alarm system all from one convenient control panel. If you have to travel there is nothing to worry about. You can control all of these systems from the other side of the world. Scott Alarm will secure your home or business to the maximum possible level, and they have customizable plans. Even better, you can get a free home security consultation.


Scott Alarm’s staff are eager to come out to your property to advise you on how to maintain a secure home. They are passionate about empowering people to protect themselves. Scott Alarm is affiliated with Crime Prevention Security Systems, a company that is at the forefront of security systems in all industries. This gives it access to the latest tools and research for properly protecting its customer’s homes. You can also avail the medical monitoring service. If you have a member of your family with an urgent medical condition, a medical panic button could bring them the help they need when no one else is around to aid them.

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Final Thoughts

You cannot afford to take risks with your personal security in Jacksonville, FL. Protecting yourself with a home security system is affordable and wise. Companies like Scott Alarm and Safetouch have been protecting homes for decades in the city. They can safeguard yours as well. You just have to reach out for a free consultation then start living safer today. You won’t regret it.

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