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San Francisco Home Security

If you live in the San Francisco area you may want to take a look at local home security systems. San Francisco is a wonderful place to live. In this city, you can walk over the Golden Gate Bridge while on a romantic date. You can ride a cable car and go on a tour of historic San Francisco. You can also visit the oldest Chinatown in all of the United States of America. Life in San Francisco is precious, and that is what makes it worth protecting. The city is home to nearly a million people, and though it is a relatively safe place to live it is better to be safe than sorry. You can give yourself and your family the protection they need to sleep safely at night with a home security system from a local company.


According to the statistics, there are more than 2 million home burglaries reported in America every year. That works out to roughly a burglary every 13 seconds. Home security systems act as a deterrent for would-be burglars. There is nothing they fear more than being caught. If a burglar is sizing up your home and he sees the sign for a home security system, he will think twice about executing his plans. Your family will be safe. Despite the nationwide danger, only 14 percent of homeowners have a home security system. Avoid becoming on of the statistics. Call up bay area alarm companies to identify which one is the best provider for protecting you and your family.


The majority of the home burglaries that occur nationwide happen during the day while people are away at work or school. These break-ins are usually done through brute force. A window is broken or a door is forced open. A home security system will immediately set off an alarm if events like these occur. The local police will be alerted, and your home will be safe. We’ve established that is wise to take a proactive role in preventing crime at your home. Let’s review San Francisco home security options.


ADT is a well-known home security company with a long track record of helping families and businesses stay safe from burglary. ADT has been in business for more than 100 years, and they have been satisfying customers all that time. They are a technologically forward thinking company that stays up to date with the latest methods for keeping you safe. ADT monitoring equipment includes remote video viewing of your property. This means that you could watch a video feed of your home security system of you home from your mobile phone while at work. This feature comes include with ADT’s proprietary Pulse monitoring.


Price should always be a factor when deciding what home security system to employ. ADT helps you make this decision by providing you with $850 in home security equipment for free. All you have to pay is a $99 installation fee and commit to a 36 month contract. This promotion is available to new customers only. This system includes the following equipment:


 – Two sensors for your windows and doors.

 – A motion detector which uses infrared technology.

 – An indoor Siren that notifies you of any intrusions.

 – Decals for your window and yard signs to scare off potential intruders.

 – A power supply with a 24 hour battery in the event of a power outage.

 – A wireless keychain remote control for arming and disarming your system.

 – A touchpad with an LCD screen that chimes whenever someone passes through doors.


Protecting your home with a security system from ADT has the perk of coming with $850 of free equipment. The only con with the basic package is that the professional installation must be paid for out of pocket. Home security systems in bay area provided through ADT are fully featured and will provide you with state of the art protection for you and your family.

Talk to a home security professional in San Francisco.

Protection 1

Protection 1 is an alternative to ADT for protecting your home San Francisco home. At this time, it is the nation’s biggest provider of full-service electronics security. It has 2 million customers and has an internal staff of over 3000 employees dedicated to servicing its customers. The infrastructure under Protection 1’s control allows them to offer affordable home security to consumers. Packages begin at $41.99 in monthly charges. You will also never have to deal with automated voices when calling for customer support. If you are suffering from a home burglary, it is important to talk to a live human being who will pick up the phone right away. Protection 1 guarantees you that a real human will answer your call within two rings of the phone.


Protection 1 is incredibly easy to install. They offer a free DIY installation kit. Using this will save you the charges that you would incur from having a team of professionals drive to your property for installation. If you choose to avail a professional installation, you can rest assured that the installation technicians are safe and will not vandalize your home thanks to Protection 1’s Tech Tracker service. It lists out all the qualifications of your service provider in addition to letting you track their arrival time. You will even see a photo of your technician so you are sure of their identity.


In addition to the standard home security features offered by most companies, Protection 1 offers cellular backup, this means that your security system will continue to be powered by wireless systems even if land line services are cut off due to emergencies. With Protection 1 when a motion sensor is triggered, two photos are taken and a message is immediately sent to you via text and email. This will let you see a wide shot of the scene with a close up of the intruder’s face.

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Closing Thoughts

For the sake of your own protection and that of your family, you should invest in home security San Francisco. Contact us below to get a professional phone call from our home security professionals.

Talk to a home security professional in San Francisco.