Home Security Systems in Seattle - Home Security Guide
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Home Security Systems inĀ Seattle

Seattle, Washington is an amazing city to live in. It’s a place that is just a short drive from Mount Rainier. Out there you can enjoy beautiful trees, plains and one of the world’s most scenic views. Seattle also has a ferry that travels from the local port to Victoria, British Columbia. It hosts prestigious museums like The Museum of Flight and The Museum of Pop Culture. These things plus the presence of technology companies like Microsoft make Seattle one of the most desirable places to live. Those who live in Seattle are fortunate and have a life that is worth protecting. If you are on of those who has a home in this area, you should take some time to think about home security in Seattle. Home burglary is much more common than many local people think. Annually, there are 2 million burglaries in this country. No one ever expects that it could happen to them until it has already happened. At that point, all that is left is for them to face the grim reality and a feeling that they are no longer safe. Seattle home alarm systems can prevent you and your family from being taken advantage of.


Homeowners and renters in Seattle should familiarize themselves with the basic facts of home burglary to prevent themselves from becoming a victim. A scant 14% of homeowners nationwide have a security system in place but crime is rising in many metro areas. Most burglaries occur when the family is outside of the home. Burglars will scope out your neighborhood and make note of when you come and go from your home. Their aim is to identify when your house is empty so they can smash open a window or force their way in through a door. If you do not have a security system their job is easy, and they will be rewarded with all of your valuable personal belongings. There are reputable companies that provide home security systems in Seattle. These systems can protect you. When you post a security decal in the window of your home a burglar will take pause before deciding to target you. Burglars are allergic to home security systems because they know they will be likely to get caught. Having this deterrent in your home allows you to sleep more easily because you have an electronic “guard dog” in place that protects you 24 hours a day. There are some great local companies that provide security systems in Seattle. One of them is Frontpoint.


Frontpoint is a pioneer in the realm of wireless home security. Around the nation, it is known as the leading company for systems that do not rely on landlines or other wired technology. At the center of Frontpoint’s security system is a wireless control panel. This panel is compatible with a wide range of sensors. There is a customized technology for door sensors, window sensors, glass break sensors, motion detectors, carbon dioxide and more. Each of these wireless sensors communicates with your master control panel. When they work together, they create a secure perimeter that protects your home from outside threats. You can leave your home and feel completely secure that a burglar cannot easily walk in and vandalize you.


Frontpoint’s proprietary technology sends a signal to a security monitoring center whenever its alarm is tripped. The signal cannot be easily hacked or blocked because it is encrypted. Some high-tech burglars now use technology that allows them to intercept outgoing security signals, but Frontpoint’s system is resistant to their tricks. Frontpoint offers a range of services and its packages are customizable. They can protect you from anything that an electronic home system might help with. Their most popular plan is the Interactive Monitoring Plan. It gives an extra layer of protection by alerting you through SMS whenever an alarm is tripped. This allows you to check with the company to assess what is going on. Another notable feature about Frontpoint’s system is its speed. Other companies can suffer from a long delay after the alarm has been triggered. Frontpoint aspires to offer the highest level of protection so its system sends an instant signal every time a door is opened while the system is armed. The monitoring center then checks with you to make sure everything is ok. In the event of a problem, Frontpoint will not fail you.


Frontpoint has recently introduced an innovation to the market known as the Qolsys’ IQ Panel. It is a touchscreen system that offers added layers of protection to your home security. Its key feature is the ability to capture images whenever the alarm system is disabled or when an alarm is triggered. You will know at all times exactly who is entering your home. There will also be a time stamp. If you have children, you will know exactly what hour they return home in case you are not there to greet them and they have a curfew. The Qolsys system is the easiest to use advanced wireless security system that you can avail in the Seattle area.

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Absolute Security Systems

Another company that provides service to Seattle is Absolute Security Systems. They are well known in the local community because they are family run. The people who own the company physically reside in Seattle. If you have specific concerns about the local area they may have knowledge that national providers cannot assist you with. Absolute security systems has raving customers who appreciate the personal touch in their customer service. You can speak to the owner of the company herself, and they will provide you with a home security consultation before you pay any kinds of fee.

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Final Thoughts

For the Seattle homeowner, it is important to be conscious of home security. Most people underestimate the prevalence of burglary within society. This makes them vulnerable to having their lives turned inside out. Some people go to work one afternoon feeling all is right with the world. When they return home they have been vandalized. A home security system keeps your belongings and your family secure.

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